On June 20th 2015 a noble venture was embarked by Canara World Foundation.  The burial ground at Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton lot 34 was consecrated by Rev. Fr. Henry Alva, Rev. Fr. Edwin D’souza and Rev. Fr. Andrew Lewis.  

Project Details of Canara Catholic Cemetery 


Canara World Foundation Inc is a registered Non-profit organization that has taken up a lead to reserve a separate burial ground for a dignified burial and lasting memorial for the Catholic people of the Canara Region who speak Konkani as their mother tongue in the Greater Toronto Area.

A new new non profit organization Canadian Canara Vision Inc. has been formed to take a lead in this venture. 


1.Stress: It saves family and friends from having to make difficult decisions during a time of grief.  

2.Economical: The purpose of this initiative is so that the community has the economical option of being buried in one localised lot, dedicated just for our community.

3. Convenience: So that living family members can visit their deceased family and friends without having to navigate the entire cemetery, spread over 100 plus acres. 

4.Annual Blessing of Grave: To pay respect to the deceased by offering a prayer service by our Catholic priest on All Souls’ Day.

5.Location: This location is suitable for Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville as well as the west part of Toronto; where a majority of our community members reside. 

6.Community support: To support the needy families and new comers who may not be able to afford to purchase and/or plan for this eventuality in advance. Thus, Canadian Canara Vision Inc will reserve 5 burial plots for this cause. 

7.Assistance: Canadian Canara Vision Inc will assist the families with planning for services for the inevitable in advance.


The location selected is at the Meadowvale cemetery by Mount Pleasant Group. This is a Non-profit group recognized by the government, which has been operating several cemeteries since 1876. The name of the group is: Mount Pleasant cemetery and there are numerous locations.

Their website: http://www.mountpleasantgroup.com 

All rules of Meadowvale cemetery are applicable for the graves. They are posted on their website. 


Questions & Answers:

What is the cost:

There are three types of graves

1. Single Lot (flat marker): Costs $ 2052.00 ($ 2318.76 inclusive of HST) the size of the monuments allowed is a flat marker monument, where two people can be buried.

2. Single Lot (Monument): Costs $ 2660.00 ($3005.80 inclusive of HST) standalone monuments can be erected on this lot and it allows two people to be buried.

3. Two Grave Lot: Costs $ 5320.00 ($6011.60 inclusive of HST) a single monument can be erected with up to four names inscribed on it. Up to four family members can be buried in this grave. 

Canadian Canara Vision Inc will be offering a 5% discount, under this initiative for the community members or one year interest free payment for all reservations until December 31st 2015 or for the first 50 burial lots, whichever comes first. 

Who owns the plot?

The cemetery is owned and managed by Meadowvale cemetery by Mount Pleasant Group. Canadian Canara World Vision Inc has entered into an agreement to buy 100 of the plots. These plots will be allotted to the community members. The interment right is transferable to any family or community member.

 Is it reserved only for Konkani speaking Mangalorean’s?

We promote, this for those who are Catholic from Konkani speaking communities originating from the Canara belt from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Diu, Daman and Gujarat. However family members of the deceased who may not be Catholic or Konkani speaking have the option of being buried in their reserved burial lot. It is the buyer of the lot who decides, not Canadian Canara Vision Inc.

Can a Goan or East Indian, Konkani speaking person buy these lots?


Does the Catholic Church permit the use of an all denomination burial place and will a priest come for the last rites?

Yes, a Catholic priest will come to this cemetery and perform the last rites. The Polish Catholic church group has a reserved area with grave lots for their own community since 2002.

What are the expenses other than the burying ground?

  • Opening and closing of the grave on the event of death
  • Cost of casket
  • Visitation/wake
  • Monument 
  • Refreshments after the burial service

These services are offered by the visitation centre or can be obtained privately by any service provider for buying the casket, monument and community gathering after the funeral.


Further Information: 

Ongoing seminars will be held to educate and plan for the inevitable.  

Do you have insurance for the final expenses?

Yes, there are policies available and we will direct the person to an appropriate consultant based on the needs of the family.

Who is heading the Canadian Canara Vision Inc?

The board of directors and Executive committee elected by the board of directors will be heading the organization. Life and regular Membership is available upon request. 

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