Canara World Foundation is excited to share that will soon feature a special web page called "RHANDAP." All the recipes on this page will be contributed exclusively by Rovena Fernandes.

About Rovena:

Rovena Fernandes, is a dedicated food enthusiast, blogger, and entrepreneur, proudly represents the vibrant town of Santhekatte, Udupi. Her educational journey includes studies up to 12th grade at Milagres College, followed by graduation from MGM College. After tying the knot with Lawrence Agnello Crasta, she resided in Bangalore for several years, immersing herself in cosmetology at VLCC and L’Oréal Bangalore while managing her own salon.

Her culinary journey began with a profound love for cooking, culminating in the establishment of her online presence through the Facebook food group, “Spices and Aromas”, and her website, Here, she shares delightful recipes, blending flavors, traditions, and the art of cooking. Rovena also creates engaging food vlogs on YouTube and actively participates on various social media platforms, showcasing her culinary prowess. Additionally, she contributes recipes to the popular Konkani Magazine “Amcho Sandesh,” published by Catholic Sabha Mangalore.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Driven by her passion for authentic flavors, Rovena is the proud founder of “Rovena’s,” a renowned masala brand in India. The brand’s range of Mangalorean traditional masalas, including Bafat, Chicken Sukka, stew, Fish fry, and more, reflects her dedication to quality and authenticity. With an eye for innovation, she continuously expands the product line, promising exciting additions in the near future.

Personal Life:

Rovena cherishes every moment spent in Santhekatte alongside her supportive husband and son, drawing inspiration from her surroundings to fuel her culinary creativity. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she finds immense joy in nurturing her family and fostering a love for food within her community.

Join Rovena on her culinary journey as she explores diverse flavors, celebrates cherished traditions, and uncovers the essence of cooking together on our digital platform.

Get on board with cooking flavourful dishes with Rovena.

Our first recipe:

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