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Pics: Jerson Marques

Canadian Canara Vision Inc. (CCVI) recently hosted their Seventh Annual Charity Dinner Dance in Mississauga, Canada on 28th October 2023. It was a great success, with approximately 350 guests in attendance, including sponsors and notable business figures.

Nelson D’Costa, the chairman of CCVI, began the evening with warm greetings and expressed gratitude to the event's sponsors, dignitaries, co-directors, and essential vendors. He highlighted the crucial role CCVI plays in supporting the community during challenging times, especially when faced with the inevitable event of "DEATH”. Nelson, pointed out the difference between how we are addressed in life before and after death, underscoring the value of life and the need to plan for the certainty of death. He also emphasized that while we can manage taxes, we cannot control the passage of time in our lives.

CCVI, a non-profit organization established in 2015, focuses on supporting community-based initiatives and addressing the needs of Canadian Catholics with Indian subcontinent origins. Their mission revolves around promoting social, cultural, and religious activities through a dedicated and capable team.

CCVI extends help to community members during times of need, particularly in moments of death. They also regularly organize educational seminars on topics like investments, tax planning, retirement, andoffering valuable guidance to the community.

In response to a significant community need, CCVI established 'St. Peter's Burial Place,' a burial site with 300 lots at Meadowvale Cemetery, with the potential to expand to over 1000 lots. Notably, 5% of these burial lots have been reserved for underprivileged community members at no cost. So far, CCVI has donated 7 burial lots to those in need, and the Charity Dinner Dance aimed to raise funds for this meaningful cause.

The event was a memorable evening of unity, charity, and celebration. It showcased CCVI's dedication to supporting the community and making a difference in the lives of its members, especially during their times of need.

The event featured live music by the band "Big Foot," led by Victor Rodrigues and his troupe. M.C.,Gavin Ramos and DJ Anthony Duardo from King & I Entertainments entertained the guests and kept the dance floor lively. Rashmy D’Cunha offered grace before the meal, and the Capitol Banquet Hall provided delicious food.

The evening was packed with dance, music, and various prizes, with many guests receiving spot prizes, 50/50 draws, email draw prizes, or door prizes. The guests enjoyed the music and kept dancing past midnight.

CCVI plans to host a variety of seminars to support the youth, newcomers, and community members. These informative seminars will provide a platform to showcase talents and offer a wide range of resources.

The event's success was made possible through the generous sponsorship of various organizations and individuals, including Trinity Auto (Ravi Fernandes), BP Consulting (Steve Makrinos), Tridel Builders, RBC Wealth Management (Mohammad Ayaz), Sunlife Financials (Flavian Pinto), Green PI Inc. (Jack Barbosa), Save Right Financial (Raymond Yates), Vine Group Mortgages (Goldy Singh), Nelson D'Costa, Elan Planning, Elena Saradidis, PW Immigration Visas & Citizenship Services (Werrel D'Souza & Peter Lobo), Brampton Monuments (Stan Goveas), Turner Moore LLP, Stoneridge, Vincent Machado, and local & overseas well wishers within the community and outside the community, including our own the renowned entrepreneur Michael D'Souza.

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