Canadian Canara Vision Inc. (CCVI) a non-profit organization established by a team of capable, committed, and energetic individuals to make a difference in the lives of Canadian Catholics, Originating from Konkan and Canara coast.

An evening packed with an august gathering of generous community members from the Canara coast region settled in Canada came together and celebrated a community event with Dinner and Dance at the Versailles Convention Centre, Mississauga, Canada on November 13th 2015, to raise fund for the charitable cause espoused by CCVI. 

CCVI has been initiated for overall community development, assisting new immigrants to settle and establish themselves in Canada whilst fostering and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the people from the Canara coast of India.

The M.C of the evening Ivan D’Lima, welcomed the guests and the band “Big Foot” played live music and opened the floor with their foot tapping music that made it irresistible for the young and the old to come on to the floor.  

Peter Lobo Director of CCVI introduced the Chief Guest Mr. Bob Delaney, Member of Provincial Parliament, of the Province of Ontario, Canada.  Mr. Delaney, appreciated the Canara community in Canada and the leadership taken by CCVI for the benefit of the community. 

The highlight of the evening was the felicitation of Mr. Devid Frank Fernandes a Philanthropic personality from U.A.E. 

Peter spoke about the award recipient and said that CCVI chose to honour Mr Devid Frank Fernandes for his exemplary contributions to the community through the medium of filmography, philanthropy and social service. 

 “Canara Vision Yeomen Service Award 2015” was presented by Mr. Bob Delaney (MPP), Mr. Martin Menezes President of Red Crest Financial services presented him with a citation and Mr. Jasbir Kooner, Manager Meridian Bank, presented him with a Plaque. 

 In acceptance of the honour, Mr. Devid Frank Fernandes addressed the gathering and said that

““Power & Money are fruits of life, but Family & Friends is roots of life. We can manage without fruits, but can never stand without roots.” Because of friends today I am here.

It is my great honour to receive this prestigious Award “The Canadian Canara Vision 2015” from Mr. Bob   Delaney, Member of Provincial Parliament. 

CCVI – Chairman and Director have taken the action to establish “St. Peter’s Catholic cemetery” which was consecrated on June 20th 2015.

To preserve and promote our culture and provide a platform for the artist I am producing movies in regional languages.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with first step so CCVI has taken their first step, I wish them all the success and for this Noble cause I am contributing Canadian $10,000. The Power of a waterfall is nothing but a lot of drops working together, present few drops, if gathered more drops will be a powerful waterfall.

I also assure my continuous support to CCVI and their endeavours for years to come. Being a non-Canadian, I urge all of you to support this noble cause .

We most of all left India and landed in gulf to live a better life, then we moved to Canada.You are born to live, don’t live because you are born, don’t go the way life takes you, and take life the way you go. That is why you are in Canada.

Heated gold becomes ornament

Beaten copper becomes wires

Depleted stone becomes statue. 

So the more pain you get in life you

become more valuable


Desire is poverty, contentment is wealth.

To be successful you don’t need a handsome face nor a heroic body, what is required, skillful mind and ability to perform

Let us all live together, share together, and grow together without any feelings of Animosity

Before concluding, I am grateful to Canara Canadians for giving me this opportunity and for the great award thank you very much one and all”

Flavian Pinto Director of CCVI, in his vote of thanks, thanked the guests, the dignitaries, sponsors, M. C, the band, hall management and fellow directors- Arun Mendes, Donald Alva, Flavian Pinto, Gilbert D’Souza, Josephine Soosay, Martin Menezes, Maxim Mendes, Nelson D’Costa, Paul Mathias, Peter Lobo, Ronald Rego & Stan Goveas; for attending this event and supporting the charitable cause.

Fr. Henry Alva appreciated the works of CCVI, he also mourned the loss of the Paris victims and thanked god for his abundant blessings on being privileged to live in a safer community.

The evening was packed with dance, music; tons of spot prizes, attractive raffle draw prizes and silent auction and concluded with the scrumptuous dinner including Mangalorean specialities of sannas and sorpotel.  Most of the guests were lucky to either receive a spot prize, raffle prize or an auction prize.

The sponsors of the event were Martin Menezes: Red Crest Mortgage Investment Corp, Flavian Pinto: SunLife Financial, Hyundai, Meridian Bank, Stan Goveas: Brampton Monument, Ronald Rego: Rego International, Nelson D’Costa- Professional Corporation & Mortgage Diligent Ltd, Mohan Law Office, HC Law Chambers, Kishore Nagarajan-CIBC, Maxim Mendes-Royal Lepage, Arun Mendes- Mendes & Co, Soosay and Family.

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