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Canada, April 23 :

Delivered by: Miriam Pinto during Henry Nite organised by Canara World Foundation at Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Canada, on April 21, 2009.

While we are enjoying this 5th Kala Sanz along with outstanding performance by distinguished Henry D'souza and troupe, our thoughts and heart goes to 4 of our beloved Konkani brethren who have gone on heavenly abode.

Canara world foundation would like to recognise their contribution to culture, heritage and public service by awarding them posthumous trophy.

These are the words engraved on the trophy "To live in the hearts of the others is not to die" Truly, they live with us today and will live in our hearts for ever.

The recipients are:

Mr. & Mrs Henry and Rose Castelino: Henry and rose Castelino are shining examples of Mangaloreans who ever lived in Canada and their footsteps are very difficult to follow. Henry was very enterprising and owned a shipping claims business in Bombay. In 1973 they migrated to Canada. Henry along with his sons started customs brokerage in 1978 which was very successful and his sons took it to the higher level. On the other hand, the loving, charming, Rose due to her generous nature, made hundreds friends among both the Christians and Hindus hailing from Mangalore. She got involved in social work, and creating networking platforms for Mangaloreans. They were the founder members of ICCA which is very active even today. Their outstanding contribution to our community has been their selfless help extended to new immigrants; and many of those who were helped by this loving couple are present in this hall today. This was acknowledged by the hundreds of people who came to pay their last respect to this loving and adorable couple just three months ago. Their 57 years of married life came to and end when they went on heavenly journey just 5 days apart; so in love in life, and even in death they could not keep themselves apart for more than few days.

Canara World Awards

Dr. Sheela Basrur: A dedicated professional, an excellent communicator and a great leader who was truly passionate about making Ontario a healthy province. Dr. Sheela Basrur was one of us. Although she was born and brought up in Canada, she had strong ties with India and her last name Basrur comes from temple town Basrur. Throughout the SAARS crisis in 2003 which eventually killed 44 people in Toronto, her leadership, expertise and skills in handling of that infectious disease, earned her the respect and admiration from her colleagues in public health in Ontario; and became the recipient of the prestigious Order of Ontario for public Service. Dr.Sheela Basrur has also been awarded honorary doctorate degree by various universities and one of the most significant testimonials is the creation of first Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, and is named "The "Sheela Basrur Centre". She passed away at the age of 51 succumbing to cancer. But what she accomplished in such a short life time is truly memorable.

Canara World Awards

Mr. Herbert Lobo: If we have to single out one person who contributed the maximum to our Konkani culture and heritage, in Canada it is Mr. Herbert Lobo. Herbert migrated to Canada in 2001. He championed the Monti fest, and various socials. He pioneered first "Wilfy Nite" in Canada, in this very hall, a mega venture by any standards. That paved the way to have several Kala Sanz and today's Henry Nite. The memories of his acting and presence on the stage in various forms are ever fresh in our minds; and I am positive he will be watching us from above. Herbert was a very loving and giving person and a favourite of both young and old. He has touched the hearts of people wherever he lived. He has left a permanent mark on us and we know we have lost a great friend whose life was a pattern to guide us and an inspiration to live by.

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