Mississauga, April 23 : Konkan Kala Sanz, an ambitious cultural show, was held in Mississauga on the 22nd of April 2006. With more than 25 entries, the function was an enormous success with enthusiastic participation from the young and old ranging from 5 to 50 years. The function started at 5 pm with Michelle Fernandes singing the national anthem, "O Canada".

With an overwhelming capacity filled hall, the community enjoyed the evening packed with various cultural activities like folk dances, movie dances, songs, comedy skits and a fashion show. With Konkani songs such as "Chalti Podam" to a 5-year old singing "Thu Mujhe Sharsheen, Haun Thuje Sharsheen", Violin duets and a Jazz band, a fashion show encompassing the traditional costumes of our country and young children performing to a hip-swinging Hindi movie number, the Konkan Kala Sanz took the audience through a gamut of experiences and emotions. Adults performed a welcome dance, 'Namaskar' in keeping with Indian traditions and culture while teenagers sang songs such as 'Vorsan Zalin Sothra' and 'Alli Milli'.

The program commenced with Maxim D'Mello, member of the organizing committee of the show, welcoming all the guests and participants of the evening. He mentioned that the Wilfy Nite was a precursor to cultural shows in Canada. He stressed the revival and the keen interest in the Konkani culture and that the "Divo" was bright and shining. Maxim also reiterated the fact that most participants were novices and that it was encouraging to note the number of youth involved in this magnificent endeavour. Donald Alva & Maxim D'Mello ably compered the show. D.J. Tony Rodrigues provided the music and the sound system.

Fr. Edwin D'Souza gave thanks to God and invoked his blessings and hope the community can keep up the spirit and culture alive in Canada.

The local artists performed Mohinaychi Poili Tharik, a short comedy play written by CGS TACCODE. Directed by Oswald Sequeira, the play was the star attraction of the cultural event. Actors Oswald Sequeira, Lydia Sequeira, Prescilla D'Cunha, Peter D'Souza and Flavian Pinto charmed the audience with their tremendous performances. Herbert Lobo, Flavian Pinto, Donald Alva, Maxim Mendes, Lydwin Lobo and Fransica Pinto presented three fun filled jokes invoking laughter and enjoyment.

Miriam Pinto called up the sponsors Martin Menezes, Raymond D'almeida, Joe Pinto, Flavian Pinto, Frank Serrao, Aloysius D'Souza, and Max Mendes on stage in appreciation of their support and dedication to the community. Nancy Mendes felicitated them by presenting them with a token of gratitude.

Max Mendes, the organiser of the show thanked all the patrons, participants, sponsors, volunteers and the organising committee capably led by Ronald Fernandes. In his speech, Max said that he was happy to provide a platform to the Mangalorean community to promote various cultural activities in Toronto. This, he said, would bring the community closer to one another so that the Manglorean culture and spirit was maintained. He was overwhelmed with the community spirit and regretted that participants and patrons had were declined due to space constraints. He assured all that in future, he would organise an event of this magnitude in a bigger hall so as to accommodate the lovers of our culture.

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