Canaraworld Foundation (CWF) was blessed to participate in the pilgrimage hosted by Konkan Organization of Toronto (KOT) on July 8th 2023.

With warm and humid temperatures hovering the days prior, this day had the near perfect weather to be outdoors and that too for a pilgrimage.

The bus from Mississauga was filled to it’s capacity with enthusiastic devotees, and the journey to the Martyrs shrine at Midland began with the rosary, followed by light snacks and a game of bingo.

As scheduled the day began with a solemn Konkani mass at 11:30 am, celebrated by Fr. Roshan and a thought provoking homily by a young & newly ordained priest Fr. Joshua Lobo.

After the mass, all the attendees partook of the fellowship meal. This was followed by a game of bingo, procession and tea/snacks.

The ride home was filled with the air of joy and blares of oldie Hindi, Konkani, Tulu & Kannada songs.

Max Mendes & Flavian Pinto, thanked Charles D’Souza for arranging the trip to & fro to the Martyrs shrine and also all the community members who participated in this spiritual pilgrimage.

It was truly a memorable & blessed experience.

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