A group of individuals were able to do just that, on May 17th 2022. Canara World Foundation, partnered with Canadian Blood services to conduct their 2nd Blood donation drive and were impressed with the turnout. Thanks to: Cristina Lopez, Ronald & Sonia Monteiro, Romeo & Ophelia Barbosa, Julia D'Souza, Walter & Nancy Lobo, Paul Mathias, Arun Mendes, Max Mendes, Nancy Mendes, Tammy Mendes & Greogory Mendonca, who came out to support this noble cause.

There are numerous health benefits to donating blood, some of which are :

1. Reduce risk of heart attacks and liver ailment: Donating blood regularly is beneficial to prevent and reduce heart attacks and liver ailment. The risk of heart and liver related problem is caused by the iron overload in the body. Donating blood helps in maintaining the iron level in the body and thus reduce those risk.

2. Lower the risk of cancer: Cancer is the most feared and deadly disease. Blood donation helps in lowering the risk of cancer. By donating blood regularly the iron level in the blood is balanced and the risk of cancer-related to the liver, lungs, and intestine gets lower.

3. New blood cells : Once we donate blood, the body tries to restore the blood loss. This helps in the production of the new blood cells and maintain good health.

4. Reduced risk of hemochromatosis: Hemochromatosis is a disease that occurs due to increase in the absorption of iron by the body. Blood donation helps in reducing iron overload in the body and prevent Hemochromatosis.

5. Maintain Weight: It is recommended to donate blood for those who are overweight. Regularly donating blood helps in weight loss and burn fat up to 650 calories.

6. Helps prevent premature ageing: While donating blood, you not only lose weight but it also helps in reducing stress. Stress is one of the reasons that triggers premature ageing. Blood donation helps in reducing stress on your mind and body. Also, keeps the skin tight and wrinkle-free.

7. Speeds up healing process: The body tries to adjust to the loss of red blood the cells we donate blood, these adjustments also help in accelerating the wound healing process.

8. Lower cholesterol level: Blood contains iron, if the iron in blood is overloaded it can increase the chances of blockage in blood vessels. Blood donation can help to reduce the amount of iron in the blood thus helps in lower cholesterol.

9. Live a longer life: The people who involve in the altruistic work have proven to live a longer life. Blood donation is altruistic works so it not only save lives of other but also helps you live longer and healthier. (above health benefits excerpt is derived from first post)

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