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Canada, Nov 5, 2015 : Canadian Canara Vision Inc (CCVI), a non-profit organization established for community development and to promote Konkani culture, will honour noted Dubai-based entrepreneur and film producer David Frank Fernandes with 'Canara Vision 2015 Yeomen Service Award' in recognition of his contribution to Konkani culture through the medium of filmography, entrepreneurship and his philanthropic activities.

The award will be presented in a gala ceremony and dinner dance to be held at Versailles Convention Centre, Mississauga, Canada on November 13.

Frank Fernandes - A brief profile

Frank Fernandes hails from Kemmanu in Udupi, India and currently lives in Dubai UAE. Frank was born and brought up in Mangaluru. At the young age of 16, he moved to Mumbai to start his career. He then moved to Dubai to widen his horizons and it is here that he toiled for 9 years in a shipping company. By sheer hard work, grit and perseverance, he turned the chapter in his life when he started his own shipping company, called Mosaco Shipping & Forwarding. This company recently completed 26 years and is rated as one of the leading freight forwarders in the United Arab Emirates and is an active member of the National Committee of Freight Forwarders' Association (NCFF).

Frank has a versatile personality, he is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a film producer. He has successfully produced movies in regional languages - 'Kazar' in Konkani, 'Ellellu Neene Nannallu Neene' and co-produced 'Karkalada Pavada Purusha Santa Lawrence' in Kannada and very soon, he will be seen acting in his own Tulu movie production 'Jai Tulunad'. Currently, he has production yet another Konkani movie, 'Ek Aslyar Ek Na'. In spite of his busy schedule, he makes time to pursue his hobby of reading a genre of books and scriptures. Being a well read person and having a photographic memory has allowed him to master the recitation of slokas and he has been honoured by numerous religious organisations to speak on harmony in multi-faith gatherings.

Inside this man of steel is a humble heart beating for the poor and downtrodden. Over the past several decades, Frank has been generously donating to numerous charitable institutions like the old age homes, orphanages, homes for the poor, cultural and educational institutions and other organizations involved in public service and those promoting art, culture and sports. He often says, "Whenever I get involved in philanthropic activities my tension gets released and I feel very happy."

He takes great pride in his family; his wife Alice Fernandes, his 4 sons and a daughter who have been with him through his ups and downs and motivated him to achieve his life goals.


About CCVI

Canadian Canara Vision Inc (CCVI) is a non-profit organization established for community development, engaged in helping new immigrants to settle, re-establish network and adapt to the new environment in Canada; educate youth and help to build their career; create socializing avenues for the elderly; and provide a platform for displaying talents from their native land originating from Mangaluru. Beyond its social and cultural activities, the Foundation is actively engaged in organizing educational seminars on tax, investment and retirement planning and lending a helping hand to members of the community in their hour of need.

In response to an urgent need of the community, Canada Canara Vision Inc embarked on a noble venture by establishing a Canara Catholic Cemetery comprising of 300 burial lots at the Meadowvale cemetery, with the option to expand the same to 1,000 lots. These are separate burial ground for a dignified burial and lasting memorial for the Catholic people of the Canara Region in the Greater Toronto Area. These lots were consecrated by Mangalurean Catholic priests residing in GTA on June 20 this year. A solemn prayer service was held on November 1 by Fr Henry Alva, at this ground, to commemorate the deceased on All Souls Day. This prayer service will be held every year.

CCVI's next goal is to create a Konkani cultural centre, a forum to educate and nurture youth, a common place to meet and greet for the elderly, conduct seminars on various issues like banking, mortgage, legal and retirement.

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